install mavericks via internet

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The problem is, that my SSD is empty/erased and thus I have emulatore playstation 1 per pc no access to the App Store and so on, as it is my only Apple device.Be careful of the auto-update of Keynote.Advertisement, computer Skills, oS X, advertisement, over 9 Million Digital Assets.If you plan on also upgrading Keynote and Pages beware older versions of Keynote and Pages cannot read files created in the newer versions.Avoiding Multiple downloads of Mavericks.App and when I go to /Contents/MacOS I want to execute InstallAssistent, but the problem is that the installer hangs on checking eligibility with Apple, while my Internet connection works.You can download the Mavericks installer to one computer first and copy it across.This can be an easy trap to fall into because after you install Mavericks, if you have software update on, the Software update will automatically update keynote. .I also tried createinstallmedia to create a bootable SD card, but that tells me that file isn't a valid OS Installer. If you update Keynote one computer, your keynote files will be un-readable on older versions of keynote on other computers.Copy it from here before you install. .They have upgraded to Mavericks on their home computer, arrived to do a presentation at work, and the Keynote file will not read!edit: * I want to install Mavericks from the Install Oavericks.
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I executed the InstallAssistantTool within Contents/Resources, but that just leaves a blank line and the terminal doesn't do anything.