interop.excel.dll for office 2010

Dll Microsoft Visio.0 Drawing Control Type Library Microsoft Visio.0 Drawing Control Type Library sOcx.
After I ran that.msi I can go to (VS 2012) Add References boom mac serial 1.7 Assemblies Extensions and all of the rugby 08 iso zone terop dlls are there.Dll Microsoft Visio.0 Save As Web Type Library Microsoft Visio.0 Save As Web Type Library veAsWeb.Dll Microsoft SharePoint Designer.0 Page Object Reference Library arePointDesignerPage.Up vote -1 down vote Since nobody has posted this yet, after a long search I came to the most obvious place that would solve this.Var app new terop.How to: Target Office Applications Through Primary Interop Assemblies.Visual Studio does not install and register these assemblies; you must do this yourself.Dll assemblies are added automatically when you add a reference to the Word, Excel, Outlook, Microsoft Forms, or Graph assemblies.These different sets of assemblies are in the following locations: A folder in the program files directory.Office is installed on my computer, but i also try to install the PIA from this link px?These copies of the assemblies are used when you write code and build projects.The PIA enables managed code to interact with a Microsoft Office application's COM-based object model.For more information, see How to: Enable and Disable Automatic Binding Redirection.PIAs are a historical artifact, required only by old.NET versions (before v4).Note, some assemblies are added to a project automatically when an assembly that references them is added.
Instead of adding a reference to the terop assemblies as available in the Add Reference dialog,.NET Framework tab, you now use the COM tab.
A good video that covers the underlying technology is available here.