lego star wars the complete saga save game

Make sure you pick "Load Game and not "New Game when you start.
You always start a game as Obiwan or Qigon in the cantina.
But don't do it front of Luke or Anakin.
It must certainly succeed.Make connection to your WiFi router and see if cloud security.It is in the WiFi router at the settings.Always remember, slave outfit Leia will do a little dance when you press the B button.For all the people who have a problem with saving the game Star Wars TCS, here's a solution which worked for.If this still does not work the stop your WiFi firewall.I don't remember the whole pattern, but at least the mission past the last one you did should be unlocked, and all the ones you finished should be available for steam reing entire game Free Play.At the very least, your money should carry over.Walk around a bit, see if other movies or missions in a movie have been unlocked.Last edited by muldoonthief; at 07:47.Start the game Star Wars TCS and you will see that it automatically recognizes your user profile and starts downloading it for your Xbox 360 game.Just tried Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga.I just spent about an hour playing, so thanks for that.It lies in the hardware.Save the new settings on your WiFi router.The problem lies not in the Xbox 360 game or Xbox One or an Xbox Live account.
Then, after playing each level, you can save the game.