love and order otome game full version

This is a psychological and datacolor colorvision spyder3 studio sr ml philosophical game that explores how vices and ethics play a role in shaping our fate.
Thank you very much!This game addresses those sort of deeper discoveries, and couples it with how real love is not about loving a perfect person, but a flawed person.Without knowing how or why she ended up in Tartarus, Eerie finds out she must collect the Seven Seals to return home.Help Saleana gain the heart of her love interest and drink his blood in this forbidden comedic romance!But wait, he's a priest?Two weeks of luxury await you.But finally, after all the nagging and pleading of her grand-parent, she decides to give it a try.You will decide Eerie's destiny as you make difficult choices, solve puzzles, and develop relationships with the denizens of Tartarus.The demo contains around 7000 words and approximately 30 minutes gameplay, depending on your reading speed.Since this is our first time making a game, there bounds to be mistakes and places for improvement; we would be very eager to receive any comments and suggestions on how we can make it better!"You are cordially invited to the Annual Valdemar Halloween Extravaganza.The final game will be released as soon as play testing is completed on the full game.Sins committed are kept track of throughout the game as well as some hidden stats for easter eggs - This game will have plenty of replay value with 21 different endings with several branches of dialogue and event content within raw partition recovery tool those paths.Saleana is a 20 years-old vampire living with her grand-parent.The player controls Eerie Bones, an eccentric human woman with plenty of moxie who mysteriously wakes up in the captivating underworld city of Tartarus, a city divided into 7 different districts, each one is heavily plagued by a different sin.This project involves talented professional artists that have been contracted to create a more diverse Otome game concept with same sex romance options, gender choice, different character ethnicity options, and experiments with a different of art than seen in your traditional Otome game.3 pursue-able male characters a cg gallery as well as a guest fanart gallery 85000 words mini games (optional the Halloween Otome Fan Book is out!
Follow any updates of the game on our facebook page: m/HarmoniaProxPro unfortunately, the mac version is not tested.