love is poison songs

Every second, every minute, every hour, every day.
Love is poison, love is poison, love is poison, love is poison (Verse 2 never tryna taste it, coz when you taste it, You gonna die.
Girl you'r always on my mind that I can't ps3 mw3 update 1.24 stop myself from thinking.
Girl you gotta put me down, When I walk up in the town, I know that I've found you, But I can't make any sound(sound sound sound) (Chorus don't tryna keep faith in love, Coz your life will be tough.(Okay, alright, you can do it coz you'r my only one).Eh eh eh, every second, every minute, every hour, every day.And realize it's a stuff.Keep on hoping of you(ohh hoping of you).In your love I'm completely lost I'm not attracted telugu hindi learning books in your gloss.The night is so young, we got plenty of time to make love(make love) Both of us are so young, we don't have to make run away love(away love) Just you and me together, We gonna last forever.You touch my soul, my heart, my body And why you tryna leave me and go my shawdy.I say, cummon, catch my eyes, And I'ma catch your's too.Girl you always put me down that I can't just keep on standing.Love is poison Love is poison Love is poison Love is poison (Verse 3) I'm not attracted in your gloss.Keep on hoping of you(keep on hoping of you).(Intro i wanna go(go far away from you(you not to see you, Not to love you again.She don't wanna see me at all.You gonna find your heart rough(to cry) And realize it's a stuff.She don't wanna hear it at all.
You gonna find your heart rough.