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Lieutenant Edmund Harrison, a demolitions expert who blows up the guns for them.
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"Medal of Honor Rising Sun Review"."Medal of Honor: Rising Sun".Eventually, Joe and Bromley meet on deck, and steal a plane."Medal of Honor: Rising Sun Review".Joe's cover is blown when Kandler suddenly bursts in, but Bromley arrives, and the two fight their way out of the hotel, and Tanaka picks them up in a double decker bus."GameSpy: Medal of Honor: Rising Sun (Xbox.Bromley and his men destroy four AA guns so the a proper air strike can autodesk 3d max 2009 64 bit be done, and Tanaka and Joe infiltrate the temples, and rescue Raj.A b "Medal of Honor: Rising Sun for GameCube Reviews"."Medal of Honor: Rising Sun (First Impressions.On October 14, 1942, however, the Japanese are hammering them with artillery from their position codenamed 'Pistol Pete'.Pages in category "Medal of Honor: Rising Sun characters".Biessener, Adam (December 2003).The mission is successful, and Joe is recommended by Gunny, and is put in the Office of Strategic Services and promoted Sergeant.