mind game tiger and bunny

Whole thing it is then!
But I never know myself anymore, or dreams, or truth.
Ever since Ive began harboring this faint hope, I feel like Ive found the answer.
In order to obtain the fleeting and fragile dreams, they would even destroy the eternal truth.Tags: anime, tiger bunny, bPM: 87, filesize: 1811kb, play Time: 01:28.The promise we exchanged lies deep within my heart, carved into my very heartbeat.This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Wednesday, t 5:54:07.Yes, thats what it felt like.But, I never know.Sou sotto konna sekai de waraiaeru hi ga, ittaitsu otozureru no ka kawashita yakusoku ga mune no oku de kodou wo kizami tsuzukeru kara shinjite matsu dake richard la ruina book ja naku koko kara arukidaseru sonna kigashita hito wa mina kizutsuita kako wo kokoro ni idaita mama kibou.Difficulties Available: Easy (1.22 stars, 52 notes hard (2.05 stars, 45 notes normal (1.65 stars, 90 notes).Mind Game performed by Tamaki, is the second ending theme for.In this world, I asked myself Just what can I do?But, I never know, myself and yume and true and anymore.I feel it was your smile that told me that and it felt like being blinded by the light.