minecraft mini game rainbow runner

Redstone Energy Field Mod 0 votes, this mod just adds 1 block.
This is defiantly one of the more challenging Minecraft Mini games however once set up, it will be the envy of all your friends.
Rainbow Runner mini game in minecraft has to be one of the coolest looking mini games I have ever seen.You get a level every.576 seconds (yes games real football 2012 3d I did infact do the math for that.) When the game ends you will stop earning levels, upon the start of a new game, the levels will be reset to zero (0).Spleef, this is probably one of the most played Minecraft mini games of all time.Today I would like to present yet another mini-game within Minecraft, this time being Rainbow Runner.How long is the game you ask?Your main objective as stated above is to avoid the parts of the rainbow that come hurtling towards you.What I do know however, is that the surges are random and thus the game will never be the same when you restart.Please leave loads of feedback and suggestions for more mini-games.It is a singleplayer game and it is quite fun.Check out these images below for a idea of some Spleef arenas.Spleef see you and any number of players libros cristianos en pdf stand on an elevated platform usually above lava (but it can be water or anything for that matter) you have the task of trying to make the other players fall of the platform into what ever.One of the other great things about this Minecraft Mini game is that it is incredible easy to set.Handy windows xp professional x64 key Redstone Mod 1 votes, handy Redstone Mod adds two useful redstone blocks to Minecraft: invertible solar sensors and mob type.Rainbow Runner is a map solely based on redstone and command blocks, so make sure that you have command blocks enabled or the map wont function!
Created by adamtherealone (56 votes map Info: Welcome to Rainbow Runner, a small mini-game made by me, adamtherealone.
The game works with clever redstone pistons that constantly fire out Colour blocks.