msimg32 dll windows me

DRV installed into C:WindowsSystem.
CPL renamed to sounds.
PDR - from m#NUS cdfs.
HLP C:extract Then move them to proper destination directories by running these commands only from a DOS box inside Windows GUI (NOT from native MS-DOS!Now let's see the 4th (and last) FIX, my favorite. .Bonus Games see below: Spider Solitaire in C:Windows default.ICO * C:Program FilesMoviMakrTourAudio 98SE2ME option 3 gta don 2 game only: udio1.WAV audio2.WAV audio3.WAV audio4.WAV * C:Program FilesMoviMakrTourEcma 98SE2ME option 3 only: LOC.Personally, I find that annoying, but I guess I can understand how some people may like.If you find any, you may need to (re)start the Windows Add New Hardware Wizard (from office xp pro serial number Control Panel) to redetect ALL your hardware devices/peripherals, and hope that this time Windows will do it right. .DLL, rpcltc1.DLL, rpcltc5.DLL, rpclts5.DLL, rpcltspx.Therefore exclude this file, otherwise the copying process will stop when this file is reached and the rest will be skipped, so not all files become copied.VXD - from m/files/iosys98.EXE scsi1HLP.To restore it into Win98 SE exactly as it appeared in Win98 FE, you need to add these entries to the Registry (copied from a fresh install of 98 FE).MSS Maximum Segment Size.To do this: you need to "mod" the patched shell32.DLL using a hex editor.