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The buttons on the left side rotate the circles.Not all levels can be completed when you first encounter them but will be in order of when you first encounter them.Click game son tinh thuy tinh hack on the piece to get a closer view.Return to the Library.Click on the red button of the small structure that is next to the telescope and a small piece will rise up out.Take the key from inventory and place it on the lock, the stove door will open, grab the shabby glove corel painter 12 trial mac that is inside.Once the puzzle is complete Rose will get up from the coffin.Once the puzzle is complete, you will be taken back to the library.Go back outside and down one, turn right and you'll find the General Store.Each time they move they will be holding a symbol.Book, the book will give you clues as to where to look for certain things or what to do with them once you get them.You can choose to skip this puzzle if you like.Go up the Steps.Room of Doors click on the right door for your third puzzle.First click the green button to set it at the first number and click the yellow button to insert the first number, then click the green to go the next and.Your goal is to match all the like pairs.Once all the bugs are gone you will see the phone wire puzzle appear.
Though the Master Detective freed Emma.
Click on your inventory and grab the brick.