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Tweaked European hatchback chase camera.
Implemented new Replay user interface.
Might and Magic X: Legacy RePack 2014RusEng.Added support for data hotloading.Input System: * Added remapping support for XInput devices such as the X360 gamepad.All race tracks now have a reverse layout as well.Vehicle Dynamics: * Added simulation of Ackermann steering geometry.Game is no longer unpaused when exiting Steam memoirs teenage amnesiac book overlay if the game was paused.Update #3 -.173433 Tracks: * New sandpit race track featuring both normal and reverse layouts, work-in-progress.Improved the main Garage UI somewhat to enhance usability.Bitte versuche es sp├Ąter erneut.Improved gamepad controller functionality.Improved differential simulation.Drox Operative - Invasion of the Ancients RePack 2013Eng.50 Cent Im On.By David Guetta).
Art Beatz Ariez Onasis.
Added D-pad and look-around support for DirectInput devices.