one piece episode 744

The Curly Hat Pirates Arrive Guruwara no Ichimi, Jriku?
Currently, only volumes 21, 42, and 77 do not have Luffy on the cover, all of which are covers that contrast the antagonists of a particular arc with the Straw Hats on the following cover ( Baroque Works, Cipher Pol 9, and Donquixote Pirates respectively).
Opposing Powers Teik Seiryoku?
Arriving Once Again Futatabi Tadoritsuku?Germa Kingdom Jeruma koku?Oars' Adventure zu no Bken?Rob Lucci Robu Rucchi?) isbn 216 pages Cover character(s) Volume 71 To 80 Edit Volume 71 Title Release date Japanese English Japan US UK wwe wrestling revolution 3d game Colosseum of Rascals August 2, 2013 72 June 3, 2014 72 June 19, 2014 72 Chapters 701.2 Years Later (2, Ninen-go?Bridge of Life Inochi no Kakehashi?) isbn 232 pages Cover character(s) Volume 30 Title Release date Japanese English Japan US UK Capriccio October 3, 2003 31 February 2, 2010 31 TBA Chapters 276.That Song Ano Uta?Not Here Koko ja n?The Franky Family Furank Ikka?