pat metheny tap the book of angels vol. 20

And it was just mind-blowing, the passion and the command.
The first Book took years, because a new language was created.
Scott Yanow Thom Jurek.
The guitarist made a compelling and independent left turn in the spring of 2013 in performing the work of composer John Zorn on Tap: John Zorn's Book of Angels, Vol.Zorn, i think were both additives.(.) Faszinierend." (Audio, Juli 2013).There was just some kind of second sense, where Id say, I can hear Pat working on this.Pat Metheny, der jüngst seinen.But also the ability to transcend the language of a music that actually never excited me that much.In January of 2015, Metheny was part of a tribute to bassist Eberhard Weber, who suffered a debilitating stroke in 2007 and has not performed since.In den vergangenen acht Jahren wurden die bisher 19 Alben des Zweiten Buches als The Book Of Angels von herausragenden Musikern wie dem Masada Quintet, dem Masada String Trio, Medeski Martin Wood und Marc Ribot aufgenommen.Within this world, you could go forever.While keeping that initial melody somehow intact.His 1980 album 80/81 featured Dewey Redman and Mike Brecker in a post-bop quintet; he teamed up with Charlie Haden and Billy Higgins on a trio date in 1983; and two years later recorded the very outside Song X with Ornette Coleman.
And the Book of Angels, this series, is a testament to that.