pdf reader jar format

public static final mac os x 10.7 install dvd iso String result2 A resulting PDF file.
Void resetLastXrefPartial void resetReleasePage void selectPages ( List Integer pagesToKeep) Selects the pages to keep in the document.public static final String result * Main method.Parameters: page - the page to inspect Returns: a list of links public void Replaces remote named links with local destinations that have the same [email protected] args no arguments needed * @throws DocumentException * @throws IOException public static void main(String args) throws IOException, DocumentException / Use a previous example to create a PDF in(args / Create a writer for a report file PrintWriter writer new PrintWriter(new FileOutputStream(result garbageCollect.PojoFactory; import reening; import cumentException; import roFields; import extpdf.PdfReader; public class FormInformation The original PDF file.Parameters: keepNames - true if you want the keys to be real PdfNames instead of Strings Returns: gets all the named destinations Since:.1.6 getNamedDestinationFromNames public HashMap String, PdfObject getNamedDestinationFromNames Gets the named destinations from the /Dests key in the catalog as an HashMap.Parameters: page - the page dictionary Returns: the content Throws: IOException - on error Since:.0.6 getPageResources public PdfDictionary getPageResources(int pageNum) Retrieve the given page's resource dictionary Parameters: pageNum - 1-based page number from which to retrieve the resource dictionary Returns: The page's resources,.PdfCopy; import import extpdf.Gc eep(200 nFinalization eep(200 System.Length; i) reader new PdfReader(filesi / loop over the pages in that document n tNumberOfPages for (int page 0; page n; ) tImportedPage(reader, page eeReader(reader ose / step 5 ose ConcatenateStamp.AcroFields getAcroFields Gets a read-only version of AcroFields.Skip to main content iText 5 examples iText in Action - Second Edition.