php for windows installer

Txt) that comes with php.5: There are several all-in-one installers over the Internet, but small business products ideas none of those are endorsed by t, as we believe that the manual installation is the best choice to have your system secure and optimised.
No matter what I did phpinfo( ) reported "Configuratin File Path" as: C:windows. .
But i am not getting from where I can get MSI installer?
The phprc environment variable was left disabled.For more information on installing MSI installers from the command line, visit » px, upgrading PHP with the Install, to upgrade, run the installer either graphically or from the command line as normal.For example, to install the mysqli extension and the CGI executable: msiexec.Stack Overflow x Dismiss, i want to install php in my r this I have downloaded the 2 (zip file).In IIS manager, under the default web site properties, Home Directory (tab Configuration (button Mappings, the entry for.php may be missing or wrong.Php up vote 2 down vote accepted hello bro try this link.Org and you have to use the binaries from m/ up vote 2 down vote The MSI installer and Windows binaries are located here : t/download/ Read the "Which version do I choose?" on the left of the page to choose the best version for.It is not, which surprised.Note: Items 1 and 2 may be left over from previous installations and might possibly be rightly ignored by the installer, but if they are not corrected (at least check) you are going to have a problem.Exe /i i /q, you can control the install directory by passing it as a parameter to the install.PHP phpMyAdmin not yet installed.If you do not have a host, but are interested in signing up for one.Exe executable ( no longer available as of PHP.2.10/5.3.0; it is now included by default ).Ran p to check whether my i is loaded. .The second script is simply calls phpinfo( ). .
Exe /i i /q installdire:php.