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Issue #1: Nidoran Female.
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You can spot a clone, right?It doesn't even hide it once you're in the game!Pokémon name, logo and characters, that are owned by Nintendo.For example, when choosing your first Pokémon, you will choose from one of eighteen starters, rather than the usual three.Its icon, its screenshots, and the images on its Facebook page reveal cute little monsters, yes, but nothing directly ripped from the popular monster-catching game.There are many fan-games created.Stephen McArthur, a copyright lawyer, has stated that due to the Digital Millenium Copyright Act, Brick Bronze should be safe until the day Nintendo neighbours from hell 2 full version for windows 7 sends Roblox a dmca takedown notice.Erm, okay, well, except for the promotional images.Unfortunately, the ad has already been taken off of, but you can see a screenshot of it below thanks to a user on NeoGAF : Nice touch with the Japanese there.There's even an auto-route feature for crying out loud!A new mobile app has hit the Play Store, and it looks so much like an official #Pokémon game, even the most dedicated of Pokémon fans are being thrown for a loop!I mean, it's one thing for unofficial clones to exist, but the way this was advertised was just asking for trouble.Maybe this is what Pokémon GO should have been.And maybe, just maybe, Nintendo will let this one slide (they won't).Of course, at the end of the day, no matter how much original content the game includes, there are still several assets, such as the.Hey Monster, the seemingly newest entry in the Pokémon series, isn't actually licensed by Nintendo (and strangely enough, that title has me instantly thinking of a decidedly different monster-filled anime.).Jailbreak and, work at a Pizza Place, while many others are essentially fan-games of other franchises.Also, part of the story includes the fact that your in-game parents are archaeologists who have come across a dark secret and are now being hunted by villains.
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Wait a minute, Monster Park?