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1840 Martin and Coupa - "This has never been refinished and never seen any repairs or damage of any kind.
The music of Mertz is amazingly well-suited to Stauffer guitars.Later Martin guitars and other mostly American instruments diverged from the European beginnings as they followed the Martin Spanish design, but with X-bracing as per the English guitars of the mid 19th-century, and later the guitar's body dimensions increased.No doubt, Fernando Sor had a profound influence on London taste during his years in the English capital, bringing in and playing mostly Spanish guitars in that period.I recently played 2 fine late 19th.The ms office 10 for windows 8.1 Panormo family built violins and later, guitars.Brune notes that Chris Martin, in speaking about the Martin history, said that rather than lay claim to having "invented" X bracing, Martin prefers to take the view that it was.Some original Torres guitars were much smaller than the modern guitar, and modern players often lose sight of the evolution in internal construction which occurred since then.Martin himself never claimed credit for inventing the x brace as far as Richard Brune is aware.Many modern luthiers provide fine reproductions of Panormo guitars.Kresse believes "the most windows xp sp2 activation key serial important specification for the "Legnani-model" was the stronger waisted body and strongly bowed neck.The case is original and you can see.G.He was a talented builder with good craftsmanship despite having poor materials.Stauffer designs and innovations became the standard model throughout Austria, Germany, Eastern Europe and Russia.As Sinier de Ridder informed me, Guiot must have been "one of the numerous workers who left Mirecourt (or Paris) between 18, to work in London, like Chanot or Roudhloff (the 2 sons) did.This basic design, similar to other Spanish guitars of the period, has become the standard modern classical guitar, although the original Torres was smaller and had a somewhat different sound than today's modern classical guitar.Legnani also played an 8-string Stauffer and wrote compositions (notably op 201,202,203) for." Built in the style of Louis Panormo, an Italian born luthier working in London in the 1830s, this guitar is nicknamed "Cacahuate" or peanut in Spanish because of its distinctive shape.Many of these instruments were fine concert guitars.Therefore the Stauffer does not have the same singing quality, but this is not what the Austrians wanted (think romantic piano music,.g.There is a fairly good description of the instrument, but no name attached." Prior to arriving in Paris, Carcassi undoubtedly played Italian guitars similar to Fabricatore.Schubert was from Vienna and this is to be expected.
Legnani Stauffer Ries Legnani Legnani worked with Stauffer to derive the famous "Stauffer-Legnani model" which was regarded as the finest model in that part of Europe.
Panormo violins and bows are very sought after today.