pro tools 10 keyboard shortcuts

Numeric Keypad Shortcuts NumPad0 Play/Stop NumPad1 Rewind NumPad2 Fast-Forward NumPad3 Record NumPad4 Loop Playback toggle NumPad5 Loop Record toggle NumPad6 Quick Punch toggle NumPad7 Metronome toggle NumPad8 Countoff toggle NumPad9 midi Merge NumPadEnter Add Memory Location NumPad* Main Counter Select NumPad/ Selection Counter Select NumPad.
CtrlShiftW, close session, ctrlS, save, ctrlAltB, bounce to - Disk.AltP Event operations - Change duration.(Workspace Browser Window).StartShiftC, copy special - Copy clip gain. (Option ; /semi-colon) Workspace Browser: Calls up a window known as the Workspace Browser. If you dont save your work, you will lose everything.Ctrl, Identify/Remove sync point Ctrl0 (zero) Quantize to grid AltNumPad5 Elastic properties.CtrlQ, exit.Add Windows Configuration NumPad.(Number) Add Windows Configuration (specific number) NumPad.(Number Recall Windows Configuration up). The Workspace Browser allows you to search your entire network for files and folders.Pro Tools 110 book on Ebayrare!If you never saved them you could, of course, save your commands from Logic 9 and paste them into Logic.Cut, ctrlC, copy, ctrlV, paste, ctrlB, clear.All midi notes off.Here are some of the top 10 shortcut keys for the beginning Pro Tools editor.Clip Menu rar password recovery key CtrlL Edit lock/unlock AltStartL Time lock/unlock AltShiftB Send to back AltShiftF Bring to front CtrlAltStartNumPad0 Rating - None CtrlAltStartNumPad1.5 Rating -.5 CtrlAltG Group CtrlAltU Ungroup CtrlAltR Regroup CtrlAltL Loop.View Menu CtrlAltM Narrow mix.Feel free to leave me a comment!AltM, paste special - Merge, ctrlAltV, paste special - Repeat to fill selection.The Complete Pro Tools Shortcuts- Chilitos.My commands were set up long ago to echo the commands from Prisma, an early PC DAW, so I didn't have to relearn them.