psp update version 6.37

For now, in most cases you will downgrade to OFW.20 (which allows you to go back.35 afterwards if you want to but if you have a PSP 3000 with a 7g/9g motherboard, you will have to go to OFW.35.
Most comments are automatically approved, but in some cases, it might take up to 24h for your comments to show up on the site, if they need manual moderation.The current downgrade solutions do not really let you a choice to where you downgrade to, but this might change in the future.If you reached this page from an other website, I recommend you go back to the page presenting the easy technique to install Pro CFW.Go back to the.This page is kept for archive purposes only.Firmware selection page to see the next step (installing a Hen).7g/9g motherboards dont support OFW.20 due to some driver limitations.If you have any other PSP model, go to this page to downgrade your PSP to Firmware.20.You reached this page because you want to install a Custom Firmware on your PSP3000, pspgo, or a PSP2000 with a UNhackable motherboard (ta88v3 simpsons tapped out 4.2.4 hack and you currently have a firmware.37,.38,.39 installed on your PSP.If you have a PSP 3000 with a 7g/9g motherboard, go to this page to downgrade your PSP to Firmware.35.I now recommend a much easier technique to install a CFW on your PSP.If youre not sure of that anymore (psp 2000 owners, there is a chance your motherboard could be hackable or if you want to check again, or if you have a different PSP model, please go back to the main page of this guide.If you have a Firmware.37 or above, you need to downgrade your PSP before you can install a Hen.Thanks for your understanding.Important note: This page is obsolete, and kept for archive purposes only.If you have a PSP 3000 but are not sure about your motherboard type, try first to downgrade.20, and if it doesnt work, try instead to downgrade.35, you should now be on Firmware.35.20.I tryed this on my psp 2002(not v3) with firmware.37 anready.I'm using v-2 version.Jump from.00.37.'Give'em to the child she said, pointing to the sleeping Piney.
# # Ensure you set your NLS_lang environment variable.
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