psx game legend of legaia

There you have it, Legend of Legaia!
The turn basis means that if you need to get up in the middle of an intense battle, you can do so and not come back and not be welcomed by the title screen.
Plz answer Gamesoul Master Posting Maniac Troubleshooting Extraordinaire Posts: 2,265 We're not talking about converting the game itself, as that really isn't possible.Leave pSX in this mode until the cutscene finishes playing.The game follows Vahn, the quiet main hero, Noa, an excitable feral child, and Gala, a curt warrior monk, on their quest to revive all ten Genesis Trees throughout Legaia in an attempt to vanquish the evil Mist which covers the world.Legend of Legaia Review by: huygeb - 10/10, my Intro to RPG Gaming, legend of Legaia was my first introduction to turn-based RPG's, and am I glad for that!I want to finish the game!?!?This happens roughly 3/4 into the game, but it sets up the rest of the plot quite nicely.I must reluctantly admit my ignorance in this case.Like I said there, I hate to stumble upon a forum requesting favors.Once you save your game to a memory card if* you can save to a memory card upload that and post the link for me to convert.Haha The staff and senior members are doing an excellent job with the regulation of legalities and requests, though.The map of Legaia is essentially cordoned off into four separate areas, each having a different layout.These three different cameras and designs give the player just the right amount of picture to see the whole world, or to watch as each Fire Blow sinks into your foe's gut.They travel across three continents, reviving Genesis Trees that push back the Mist over small areas, and destroying the Mist Generators that create it; at times they come into conflict with Songi, Gala's childhood rival, who has joined with a Seru and is progressively mutating.The last section is just a single town and dungeon, but rest assured the journey is far from over (not counting extra content)!Last Edit: by westicles.If you don't have a memory card save, you need to either try and make one, or start the game over again if it won't let you save.While humans and Seru had once peacefully coexisted, about ten years before the game begins the world was covered in a mist which drove Seru mad when it came in contact with them.The show hidden meaning behind wizard of oz vram trick was a good idea; however, it didn't work.Patrickp Administrator bebop admin Posts: 4,227 AIR there's a save point at the bottom right of the area outside the castle in Conkram or, as GM says, you can just go outside and save on the world map.Towards the end of their quest, in the devastated city of Conkram, the heroes manage to travel back in time to locate the origins of the Mist to put an end to it once and for all.
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