queen in hyun's man episode 15 english subtitles

It wasnt too hard to figure that he was somehow endangering himself, in the way that he once forced Han-dong to shoot him with an arrow.
It managed not to give away the setup for the future slander by working the issue into the moment, so that when it came back later it was an unforeseen turn, but not one that came as a shock.
If it takes a year, or ten, if only I could go there I would.Boong-do manages a twisted smile and says its good; if his expression looks funny, its because hes agog over its deliciousness.The monk warns Boong-do that the authorities are looking for him and urges him to hasten his departure.He finds YoonWool dead and avenges her death by killing JaSoo who was the murderer.Hee-jin tucks it away in the box, then wonders if she should put it in a secure vault for safekeeping.Soo-kyung wonders whats the cause of all her mood swings, then curses that rotten bastard for doing this to her, determined to fight this one out.Ive wondered at the exact mechanism of Boong-dos time-leaping in past episodes, but Id assumed the drama was sparing us needless repetition and chose to cut those moments out.When I first came into possession of this talisman, I wanted to know what its cause and effect were.I love that Hee-jin squirms at his questions, which are all very simple things that everybody knows, but which are annoyingly difficult to explain from medal of honor breakthrough minimum system requirements absolute zero.Boong-do reappears in the park to sounds of modern life, and now his phone turns.We have another of those moments in Episode 15, when Boong-do makes his last trip back to the present/future.Hee-jin missed the moment of disappearance and looks around for any sign of him.As they walk through the park after eating, she notes that their big problem will be the passportthat might get complicated.They sit there with feet interlocked, sharing a plate, re-creating the Lady Tramp noodle-kiss.Hee-jin looks away for a second and turns back to find him vanished.Hee-jin is still in the park in the morning, telling herself that hell come back while brushing away tears.Cutely, she keeps poking fun (Youre done eating already?Hee-jin comes home soaked from rain.
Boong-do may continue on harboring a lifetime of grief, but he wouldnt exchange what the talisman gave him for blissful ignorance, and for that I respect him and the depth of his feeling.