recording debt collection calls

Debt collectors violate the fdcpa when they try to scare you by sending you notification that they may file a lawsuit against you if they dont typically sue people and have no intention of following through on their threats.
How may a debt collector contact me?
Contacting you by postcard, or contacting you in any way that would disclose to a third party that they are debt collectors.
However, if you have special circumstances (for example, you work at night and sleep during the day) those hours may be different.How can I make a debt collector stop contacting me?LegalFilter: I'd like to record the debt collection calls I'm getting.Can a debt collector contact me if I am represented by an attorney?What kinds of things can debt collectors say to me?Using obscene or profane language, false and/or Misleading Statements violate the fdcpa: Misrepresenting the character, amount, or legal status of the debt.Should I record my conversations with debt collectors?Call the NYC Financial Justice Hotline.Many people waste a lot of time talking to debt collectors on the phone, trying to convince them to stop calling. .Also, the debt collector may NOT call the person more than once (unless the person asks the debt collector to call again or the debt collector reasonably believes that the person gave wrong or incomplete information but now has call of duty world at war crack file correct information).You can purchase a recording device at a home electronics store, such as narcissus and goldmund pdf Radio Shack or a similar store. .At the very least you may confuse the caller too much to give you any trouble.