reddit enhancement suite keyboard shortcuts

Google Search, keyboard navigation is enabled by default in Google Instant, simply use the up/down arrow keys to navigate through the search results.
Watch Netflix at weird times for better video quality.
Even if you block ads, youll want to grab Ghostery to keep every other service from following you around.
You can also find some stuff you didn't even know you were into by sifting through some random subreddits (hit the "random" button on the top of the homepage).Modern Family, when we're stuck streaming five seasons.Available for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera.And if you do, it's only to remember how much better off you are now.For an extremely intense, widely accepted guide to posting, check out this post by user Raerth.Or, you can explore other multireddits that users around the world created.Subscribe to the subreddits (each page will have a massive "subscribe" button) you care about, and the site will make sure nothing gets past you.Unblockers like, hola (for free) or the pay-for-play, media Hint trick the site into thinking you are in another country, granting you access to literally hundreds of new titles.You could also google for some scripts - surely there is something.Simplify your view, for those who prefer a simple, no-frills view of the Redditing world, you can add synchromaster 555 user manual ".compress" after any URL to create a simplified version of the screen.Sort content by featuring the "best" first.Credit: Screenshot via Flix Roulette.There are some workarounds here, but they only work for watching on a computer: while playing a title, hold down ShiftOpt (ShiftAlt for Windows) and left click, to open up a "hidden" menu (called the Stream Manager) with buffering fixes and other streaming options.All-day Frank Stallone marathon, here I come.Reddit calls itself the front page of the Internet, and for all intents and purposes,.