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I would avoid most project professional 2010 tutorial whey proteins you see in the supplement store at all costs and instead stick with only the highest quality stuff.
Don't get suckered into the nonsense you see on TV or in mainstream magazines.
Unfortunately some fitness professionals are still promoting them, but at this point most people should be aware that it's not wise to drop your fat intake below 20 of your total caloric intake if you are interested in natural hormone optimization and looking and feeling.
The night time is when growth and repair takes place.Almost anyone can train hard, eat a ton of food and gain 25-50 pounds of muscle in one year.It could be simplified as eating one main meal per day at night (although you could very easily have two or three during the overfeed period as that's what it really comes down to for most people who follow the diet, although there are many.If it was there would be a lot of ripped, 250 pound guys walking around because all you'd have to do is drink an extra couple of protein shakes per day.Flax oil contains phytoestrogens and your body must go through a complex process, which is highly inefficient, to convert flax oil to EPA/DHA.Getting lean with poorly functioning adrenal glands will also be next to impossible.The most obvious takeaway is the convenience.If you haven't just trained then you should always start your meal with fresh, raw veggies and a huge spinach and mixed greens (no iceberg lettuce) salad with olive oil and apple cider vinegar.The good news is that this can be avoided.In that case you would probably be better off eating as much as possible all day without regard for meal timing or macronutrient profile.Firstly, fiber intake will slow the insulin response and keep your levels up for a longer period of time.It all made so much sense to me that I was sure it would work.