richard la ruina book

For small business owners, or wanna be entrepreneurs, I recommend these two.
He is the star wars episode iii soundtrack complete score guy who brought a lot of Eastern religion to the West. .Audio brainwave entrainment stuff. .Its a great read, so I really recommend you pick this one.Dont try and listen to Dickens or Dostoevsky on audio book, complicated sentences and language are tougher to follow on audio than in written form. .Ok so if you havent read this book yet, youre missing out.It makes you think and could just change you in nice ways.Dont bother with the touch or fire, its supposed to be simple and old-school, so just get this one for the tiny sum.Bandler is weird, but he also invented NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming, the pseudo science that is 50 bullshit and 50 really cool useful stuff.NLP has been a big part of my game, I used it to gain better control over my beliefs and emotions, to boost my confidence, and later to persuade and influence. .Oooh, weird yeah it is, but it helps you concentrate and is very cool. .I recommend all books by or about him, but some good ones to start are: And the books in this series.Open Preview, see a Problem?So, just read it ;-) Tesla was amazing, he invented so many things and his autobiography is much more interesting than Edisons.Now he shows you how to do the same.Business and Entreprenuership If you are in a company, books like those by Jack Welch or Drucker or classics like Good to Great might be the way. .Being Smarter Leaning Languages: Whenever I travel to a new country, I always like to learn at least a few words of the language. .They have some really cool stuff. .PUA Toolkit Classics Back in the day I bought a ton of books that were recommended in the PUA world.Teachers all thought I was stupid power business center cluj firme and put me in the bottom classes.Here are some more recommendations: NLP, Hypnosis and Psychology, the man himself Milton H Erikson.