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MSX computer and the, famicom, two systems that Konami greatly supported.
Without this, you won't get very far in the game.
The amount of bonus points you receive rises with each consecutive fuel car that you catch, starting with 300, then 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 5000, and up to 10000.She is going out for shopping!Unlike every other car, the cars of your opponents drive fast (but not as fast as you) and are better at avoiding traffic than most, but they will slow down dramatically rather than crash into a bystander.Ai indian and world geography pdf grija sa nu expire timpul!It can be extremely dan.If you miss just one fuel car, the score drops back down to 300.Sky Fighters Take off from the runway and try to battle as many enemy planes in the sky that you can.Streets of Valhalla, you are the leader of a famous crew in Valhalla.Sharing the road edit, you and your opponents edit, out of all the cars that you see on the road, only two types are actually competing in the race.There is no lap ranking on the home versions and the NES versions only contain 5 stages.Title screen, lap Ranking screen, contents, how to Play edit.If you choose the multiplayer option your screen will be split in half and each of you will control one area of the screen, trying to squeeze the maximum amount of power from your car.The 12 Fighters II Very cool fighting game, use arrows to move and z,x and c to hit.Ultimate Combat Fighter, simple but fun wwii style game where you shoot enemy planes.Corre carreras en las calles, arrollando peatones, conduciendo en sentido contrario y robando dinero!