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Apply the viewport gizmo to instantly toggle between views and the transform gizmos to translate, scale and rotate objects efficiently.It's really great for basic landscaping, but i've used it for Formula 1 car sidepods in the past, so its really very versatile!I'll put up another instructable on how to use the sandbox plugin most effectively later on!View Toolbars Sandbox, you should now have a sandbox toolbar below your standard top toolbar!Paradise Sandbox is compatible with all leading modeling tools like Sketchup, Blender, Maya and various other 45file formats.It is available with free and pro version.The free version can import imports Collada (.dae) files.When in system preferences, select, extensions.Paradise sandbox comes up with lighting only mode which facilitates users to view the ambient light generated through the scene lights along with sky and artificial light sources.Now exit the preferences dialogue box and select.With its professional interface, Paradise Sandbox can automatically develop the models involving real-time reflections, ambient occlusion, shadows, numerous lights, wet materials, unlimited post-processing effects (ssao, Reflections, DOF, Sharpen, fxaa, Lens-flare, Vignette etc).Open a new Sketchup document and go into.Now tick the, sandbox Tools check-box.The Paradise Engine is the central part of Paradise Sandbox highlighting a state-of-the-art hybrid rendering pipeline in which the users can include several lights and high-quality realtime HW accelerated transparency and antialiasing.It will allow you to form contours for many things instantly, without having to draw single lines.You can move this around by dragging it from the handle on the side of the toolbar.
Paradise sandbox consists of a material database having 200 materials as well as an in-built object database.
This is a really neat little plugin that allows you to do a lot of extra stuff you never thought possible on a basic architecture program.