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Below are several full-length practice tests I have compiled over the years, followed by many more questions sorted by topic which can be downloaded.
SAT Chemistry Practice Test: Liquids, Solids, and Phase Changes.
1 Steven OMalley SAT-chem-06-Kinetics.
Please note that this test reflects what is commonly taught in high school.1 Steven OMalley Test.pdf View Download 7894k.Problem solving requires simple numerical calculations.If youre interested in studying science or engineering in college, taking the Chemistry Subject Test can help you demonstrate your interests and showcase your strengths in the subject.Some details about the test include: there are 85 questions the test is one hour long there are multiple choice and true/false questions there are NO calculators allowed a Periodic Table is given which contains element symbols, adventurers wanted book 5 atomic numbers, and atomic masses.1 Steven OMalley Test.pdf View Download 207k.SAT Chemistry Practice Tests, sAT Chemistry Practice Test: Matter and Energy.The Chemistry Subject Test assesses your understanding of the major concepts of chemistry and your ability to apply these principles to solve specific problems.Pdf View Download 187k.These questions will be numbered beginning with 101.SAT Chemistry Practice Test: Bonding, sAT Chemistry Practice Test: Chemical Formulas.Many students do well despite not having studied every topic covered.There are 59 SAT Chemistry practice tests.Recommended Preparation, one-year introductory college-preparatory course in chemistry.
After each test review your wrong answers to see whether you missed any clues, and make a note of points you do not comprehend.
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