secret garden episode 14

They look at each other and know right away what happened.
Ra-Him and Joo-wonda confer at the end of their day at a coffee shop, and decide to meet here every day to go over the major decisions.
He holds her hands and revels in the fact that he finally gets to say, And whats so hard about this?Jung-hwan wonders if she got dumped by Joo-won.But my heart wont leave.He tells her not to accept greetings from his staff, but she tells him that she will, since thats a habit he should fix: You have to earn respect.He has the gall to call her out for having her mind in the gutter.Ra-Him arrives at the action school with her gift exchange present in hand, and is surprised to find that Joo-wonda is not only there, traincontroller 7 gold crack but has contributed to decorations and party supplies.What angle is she playing now?Looks like love is in the air.Joo-wonda asks what day, is it Jong-soos birthday?I love the sweetness of thatthat the one thing hes been dying to do is hold her hands with no reservations.Ra-Him adorably even sneaks a handholding session with him behind Jung-hwans back.So, is she skinny?
Hope they stay swapped for longer this time, enough for the suspicions to make things more complicated, and more hilarious.