selenium webdriver interview questions

How do app save pages to read later assertions work?
How do you remove the setUp and tearDown methods from the test class?
What are the best element locator types?
Selenium Server provides Selenium RC functionality which is used for Selenium.0 backwards compatibility.How do you test an xpath dataram ramdisk 4 keygen expression in parallels 9 for mac keygen.rar Chrome?Successor of Selenium RC, all of the above, ans: 4 8)Which browsers does Webdriver support?What can an explicit wait be used for?How do you take a page screenshot in case of error?How is the Html Unit Driver different from Phantom JS?Why do you need both the WebDriver and FirefoxDriver classes?Better features for Ajax testing.See this article for the explanation.What should you not have in a test script?What does ose d0?Simulate key press events of keyboard.For example, in C I added webdriver dlls and in Java, I added Selenium-client-driver.What is the difference between ChromeDriver and headless browsers?Why is unit testing important for test automation?Explain how the page object model works.When and how do you use the Actions class?