silver efex pro 2 portrait tutorial

Fine Structure slider for increasing mid-tone contrast in areas of fine detail.
Bottom: Shadows Structure set to 100 in Silver Efex Pro.
Voiceover The first step to working with an image in Silver Efex Pro is, of course, to open that image in Silver Efex Pro.Middle: This is what happens when you increase Clarity to 100 in Lightroom (note that you wouldnt normally push it that far for a portrait, I did it here to show you the effect).To bring back some color prince of persia warrior within ocean of games to the face choose the layer effect/curves (fourth icon on from the left on the bottom of the layer window) and bring the middle of the curve down.Select luminosity for the layer blending mode.Whether you choose the Complete Edition, Select Edition, or Standard Edition, youll get traditional and stylizing filters that offer virtually endless possibilities to enhance and transform images barbie fashion show pc game quickly and easily.A Control Point is the centre of a circle within which you can make tonal adjustments.The original colour photo is shown top left.Learn more about Photoshop CS5.I can also choose to edit a copy of the original and that will cause the Lightroom adjustments to not be visible.Premium subscriptions include instructors exercise files so that members can follow along with the exact examples onscreen.Adobe Creative Suite 5 Design Premium.With SiteGrinder, designers will now have the freedom to totally let their creativity loose and then, without skipping a beat, transfer their designs to the web.I'll go ahead and leave these values at their defaults and then I'll simply click the edit button in order to open this image with Silver Efex Pro.The full set of Contrast and Structure sliders in Silver Efex Pro.Its fast and easy to use.
Rather than provide a comprehensive review of the software, Im going to look at some of the things you can do with it that you cant (or would be much more difficult) in Photoshop or Lightroom.
Soft Contrast slider that increases contrast but in a less aggressive way, almost as if there is an overlay of gaussian blur.