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Includes compression and decompression object files which can be linked to your own programs to allow them to access and output data in LZH format.
This is version.1, an update to version.0a on disk number 261.
Author: Eddy Carroll Path: StarBlank.1 Screen blanker ebook novel dylan i love you shows moving stars Screen blanker commodity that shows a moving star field.Author: Jeff Glatt, Dissidents Software ilbmlib A shared library (brary) to read/write IFF files, derived from the EA IFF code, along with various enhancements.Author: Peter Stuer HunkX A utility to examine the hunk structure of executables, static libraries, dynamic libraries or object files.Full version allows input and output in feet or meters.Offers four different types of compression, extended virus checking of boot blocks, and data encryption.DeBurie PhxAss PhxAss is a complete macro assembler, which supports the arrl handbook for radio communications 2013 the instruction-set and addressing modes of all important Motorola processors and 68851).Requires Kickstart and Workbench.04 (or higher).Author: Chris Gray; 3d version by Howard Hull contents OF disk 95 Cmd Cmd redirects the vice or vice output to a file.Also, demo is based on an older version of TxEd, new release has additional features.Author: Todd Lewis contents OF disk 242 BootBlocks Detailed documentation on what a bootblock is and how it works, along with some sample sound studio for windows 7 bootblocks and a program to install a custom bootblock.You may save the pictures as IFF-files and use them as background for your workbench.Wahaus ScreenShare A library and support programs that enable applications to open up windows on other applications' custom screens.Author: Perry Kivolowitz Set Replacement for the Manx "set" command (to set or change environment variables) with several improvements.Author: David Addison Polyfractals A fractal program written in AbasiC.Author: Stefan Zeiger Electron Electron World is a cellular automation described in "Spektrum der Wissenschaft" Scientific American March 1990.