solving exponential equations with variables on both sides

Doing this gives, Next, weve got to get a coefficient of 1 on the exponential. .
Solve 3(2 x 4) 350 Before I can start looking at the exponential, I first have to get rid of the 3, so I'll divide that off to get: Since is not a power of 2, I will have to use logs.The process would have been exactly the same, and the eventual answer would have been equivalent.Ln ( e )1, the equation reads, ln(80) is the exact answer and.There is no "I" eye in the function name!You've done the hard part.This is not (generally) required, but is often more useful than other options.(a solution (b solution (c solution (d solution (e).Author: Nancy Marcus Copyright MathMedics, LLC.Don't be shy about being flexible!Next, in order to move the exponent down it has to be on the whole term inside the logarithm and that just wont be the case with this equation in its present form.Then: x log2(2) log2(30) x (1) log2(30) x log2(30 if you're asked to "find the solution then the above should be an acceptable answer.Example 2: Solve for gta sa all dll files x in the equation.If you're behind a web filter, please make sure that the domains *.kastatic.First well need to move the number over to the other side. .Answer Problem 5: Solve for x in the equation.
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