sons of anarchy episode 10

At Jax's place, Abel gets out of bed late and crawls into his dad's lap across from Wendy.
Leland hasn't shown up yet but a few of his guys are not happy about bios file for 3ds emulator 1.1.2 the shift in management to Otis.(Michael Beach) are kidnapped by Markss hit squad and momentarily tortured.Everyone's guns come out.At Venus' place, Tig is a mess, starting his day with a bottle in his hand and mixed messages for Venus.At the cabin, Lucretia has talked to the DA and hired a lawyer and is ready to go home.Still, its only a momentary reprieve from the hard reality at hand; in more ways than one, each of these characters are fucked.Wendy calls Chibs, who tells Jax that Child Services was called to Abel's school.At his teacher's prompting, Abel says grandma did.He's keeping it as a trophy.Happy shows Rat one of Moses's fingers.Jax races off, but not before he orders someone to finish the man.For more, sons of Anarchy recaps, click here.Abel kisses them both good night.There are broader implications to be drawn from that fact as they relate to the current violent climate, but Jax chooses not to see them.Later that night, Jax thanks Otis for his help.
Does that tell you something son?