sony s log2 lut

Then to help deal with bright highlights conventional gammas use some kind of highlight roll off or knee to increase the brightness range the camera can capture without effecting the mid range.
Unfortunately this means that the highlights are somewhat compromised, looking very flat, lacking contrast and this is often what gives video the video look.The A6300 etc also have S-Log3, but as these are 8 bit cameras (even when using an external recorder) I would still recommend that you use S-Log2.Im not paid to write these articles.As well as the Cinegammas the camera also has the S-Log2 and S-Log3 log gamma curves as well as S-Gamut, S-Gamut3 and.It can even shoot at 120fps.Under exposed log looks bad.This compact interchangeable lens camera has an amazing feature set that is very similar to the features found on its bigger brothers the A7sII and A7RII.Besides, viewing and monitoring S-Log3 is tough as the pictures look even flatter than S-Log3.But trust me, shooting 1 to 2 stops brighter than the recommended levels given by Sony on the A6300 (and any other Sony Log camera) will normally bring the best results.So working with S-log2 and S-Log3 is a two atomix virtual dj 6 step process shooting and grading (grading is the term used for adjusting the look of an image in post production).If a LUT name includes 1over this means that the LUT is designed to work with footage that has been exposed 1 stop brighter than the levels given by Sony.
So unlike conventional gamma where we protect the highlights with log gamma you need to protect the shadows.
Log gamma curves such as S-Log2 and S-Log3 are very different.