star wars 1 phantom menace game

The word rushed came to mind, but then rainbow ikey 1000 driver I thought, This is LucasArts they wouldn't screw up a Star Wars title - or would they?
The bloke in front of me wore a white karate gi and kept spinning his double-edged Darth Maul light-staff.
It is very unfortunate as update custom maid 3d I feel that a few extra months of coding could have turned an average game into a pretty good one.
Obi-Wan then attacks him and finally defeats home improvement fund scheme him atop a scaffold (not seen in the film).The effects are as good as you'd expect them.You can also use your Force Push to "Push" the battle droids onto the ground and then finish them off with a few lightsaber swings.See more company Credits, production Co: LucasArts Entertainment Company, see more ».The player may also encounter and interact with other non-player characters.Along with, captain Panaka they flee the besieged capital and make an emergency landing on the desert planet.The rest of the opening level has you opening a series of doors and switches before you can complete it by flying off to Naboo.On the plus side though, Billy did sneak in for half price!To keep the queue entertained, the Sci-Fi channel stationed an outside-broadcast trailer from which presenters dispersed freebies and repeatedly asked the crowd who their favourite.Outstanding amongst them is the light-sabre duel (or whatever a three person duel is called) involving Darth Maul.Well despite what some previews said there really isn't any adventure style gameplay bar a few questions you can ask various characters in the game.