starcraft 2 patch 3.1.1

Kerrigan's initial birth time has been reduced from five minutes to four minutes.
Improvements have been made to map loading times for Co-op Missions.
Blizzard Entertainment 2/23/2016, starCraft II: Legacy of the Void.1.3 Patch Notes.Frenzy is set to autocast by default.The intent was they only heal Zerg defensive structures.General, php file manager 3.0 a new Taldarim skin has been added for the Colossus.If you wish to use the default Commander Announcer for Co-op, the Standard Announcer must be equipped in your Collection to the race that matches the chosen Commander.Fixed an issue where Widow Mines were dealing damage inconsistently to Immortals.Generates 100 more gas than before.Commander and Unit Balance Changes.Not all announcer lines will be replaced when using an Announcer in Co-op.Gameplay and Race edit, sprays are now invisible when under Fog of War.Immobilization Wave Cooldown reduced from four to three minutes.Improved Stim, raynor now starts with this, no longer need to research from the Tech Lab.Opponent AI Revamp, the enemy AI will now be more diverse and can have specialized builds like producing more expensive units, fast units or air units.Assimilation Aura, now costs 0 energy.If Yamato fails, it will not trigger its cooldown.
In order to use an Announcer in Co-op, in the Collection it must be equipped to the race that matches the chosen Commander (i.e.
New decals have been added, terran Decal Reward.