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Drawbacks: The graphics must be improved, requirements: Windows, Macintosh, alternative names: TheIncredible Machine: Even More Contraptions, TheIncredibleMachine: Even More Contraptions, The Inkredible Machine: Even More Contraptions.
Vote for The Incredible Machine: Even.Publisher: Vivendi Universal, extras and features: Exciting Two Game Modes: Single-Player or Head-to-Head Competition.Perfect (5)Excellent (4)Remarkable (3)Worthy (2)Good (1)No comments (0)Poor (-1)Unpleasant (-2)Disgusting (-3)Worthless (-4)The worst (-5).You are given a victorious season 1 episode 14 possibility to design your own Rube Golberg Machine from scratch.Each puzzle has a certain number of specific items, which you set in the correct positions to achieve the desired result.The Incredible Machine: Even More Contraptions.There is a great amount of tools to perform an action, as for example: bouncing balls, pulleys, ropes, mandrill baboons on conveyer belts and much more.You have a choice either to play in single-player or in head-to-head puzzling competition using 250 puzzles to build.There is a set of objectives in each puzzle, among which are: to feed cheese to a mouse or to line up different types of balls in a cage and suchlike.The Incredible Machine: Even More Contraptions is a very exciting game which makes your brain always working and gives lots of challenging tasks to fulfill.There is over 100 machine parts to use.
Rate: 80 /100, price: 2999, review: Reviewed by, yuri Storchak.