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When it comes to podcasts, were 10 years into a vivid, crucial artistic medium.The game james bond 700 second, with a much more sympathetic interlocutor, is cathartic, as Thau finally opens up about the experience that left her a single mom.Dial-a-Stranger, Life Savers (2008) Mercedes Martinez and Zachary Kent had a simple but ambitious idea: Ask people to submit their phone numbers, solicit questions from listeners, and then randomly dial those numbers and ask whoever answers one of those questions (along with more general queries.28, 2014, Robert "Bobby" Smith shot police officer Tyler Stewart and himself in Flagstaff, Arizona.Mostly it showcases the podcasts signature dynamic: a disbelieving Gervais goading and mocking Karl, Merchant playing the supportive straight-man mediator, and Karl sitting at the center of it all, gloriously persistent test drive unlimited 2 crack fix tpb and oblivious.The Time Bobby concept turned out to be durable; the tale continued over two subsequent episodes of Comedy Bang Bang.Wondering about a mortgage-backed security?And its all there in Episode 1, The Alibi, which is now one of the most downloaded podcasts ever made.Fran was diagnosed with aids after they started dating and before they got married.But first a word from our sponsor just kidding.(What did the lost walled city of Kowloon look like?) But in this episode, Roman Mars beloved short-form design podcast asks how sound designers make organic sounds for inorganic things.Other people see it as a painful loop that will never stop playing.Serial, The Alibi (2014) Have you heard about Serial?See Episode, see More Podcast Episodes.DeStefano, a comedian who died of a heart attack in 2011, talks about his life with Fran, whom he met in rehab when he was trying to kick heroin.Podcasts News Politics Hosted by Kelly McEvers, Embedded takes a story from the news and goes deep.The rest of this episode is just as off-the-rails, taking the shape of a bizarro holiday party.That has happened in part because, by telling a true story over 12 episodes of roughly 45 minutes each, and continuing to report that story as they go, the producers of Serial have created something genuinely new and expanded peoples notions of what podcasts can.