top cpu cooler 2012

Since the introduction of the Sandy Bridge generation of processors, overclocking has been essentially limited to the CPU multiplier.
It packs a large-but-quiet 92mm fan, three heatpipes (although Zalman says its design gives it the heat transfer capacity of six heatpipes and a super-quiet "silent mode" where the fan is near completely silent and doesn't vibrate.
Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme is, in my opinion, one of the best looking tower coolers in the world (or, definitely in top 5).
What's more, CPU coolers have much longer legs than the chips themselves.Prolimatech Megahalems This CPU cooler is all about innovation.The coolest feature is the fact that the heatpipes actually touch the processor, thus, conducting the heat better and faster.It provides excellent cooling capabilities, handling almost any workload, with the best materials available and the awesome industrial look that all Noctua coolers have.This cooler has 2 horizontal mounted Noctua fans, and, as the NH-D14, 6 copper heatpipes with aluminum cooling fins.At first games pro evolution soccer 2012 pc I thought that was a problem, then I saw that you dont need heavy duty radiators for your RAM, the V10 cools everything around.This is a generation old by now, but as Ivy Bridge is identical to the Haswell CPU in both size and TDP we can conclude that if a certain cooler performs well on this platform the results will not differ massively when placed.Alpenfohn Matterhorn Alpenfohn Matterhorn is the rookie in our top and in the world of performance cooling.Even if you could afford to unload 800 on a CPU, we'd therefore prefer it if you didn't.For this test we chose 39 different coolers that are currently available, varying in price between 22 and almost 100.If we've sold you on the general idea of a cooling upgrade, let's deep dive into the specifics.Particularly when it comes to Intel processors, overclocking opportunities are very carefully controlled.So here they are:.With a water cooler, it's liquid being pumped around the system.Often, the only significant difference between chips priced hundreds of pounds apart is clockspeed.The results of this test therefore are not comparable to results out of earlier tests we done with the same coolers.Another of you mentioned that if you don't mind noise however, you can crank these babies up and keep things really cold.Although it has that flimsy look that most Zalman coolers have, it is a great cooler and it can handle almost any workload on any processor (including LGA 2011).
High-end processors are painfully pricey.