update loader.octagon.sf 1008 se plus.l6.26.zip

Re: Multiboot loaders for Octagon STB SF918SE SF1008SE.
00:41:30 mini howto to change Loader script for SF1008 by PKT Loader changer.Switch OFF 1008 then Switch ON and quickly press enter until uboot stop.If succeed unpack loader62.zip and copy pktloader62 on your USB stick in FAT partition.Choose COM Port.Run PKT B4T Loader changer for SF1008.Connect your octa1008 with your PC by null modem cable.Press Connect button.E2 OpenSource SH4 Duckbox Project GIT-5487 PKT SVN-2290 lagu terbaru republik band hyperion v2 Image.The fix now only applys to DTS streams and the playback time is only corrected on time differences up to 50ms this MAY fix some issues with async sound - new BusyBox.19.2 (stable) config and patches - use utf8 as python default - adapt.Wait until Loader button change status to active.Switch ON 1008 by power button on the back of the receiver.
Zip depend of your original Loader version and copy pktloader62 or n on your USB stick in FAT partition.