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1 Calculation on Coverage connectivity of random deployed wireless sensor network factors using heterogeneous node Shikha Nema, Neeraj Shukla A Literature Survey: Stemming Algorithm for Odia Language Dhabal Prasad Sethi, Sanjit Kumar Barik Leakage Power Reduction Using Power Gating And Multi-Vt Technique AruljothiK,PrajithaP B, RajaprabhaR.
Eview of Phase Correction Methods for Partial Fourier Reconstruction of MRI Sivadas Neelima, Lakshmi Prabha P GSM Based Alphanumeric Scrolling Display System Raj Hakani Comparison and performance analysis of routing protocol for mobile adhoc network Lokeshwer Sinha, Samta Gajbhiye Survey on Packet Hiding Scheme for.
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