visual studio editor code folding

Shortcut keys are ctrlm and then ctrlh.
Toggle Outlining Expansion, reverses the current cake shop 3 game full version for pc hidden or expanded state of virtual dj keyboard mapping the innermost outlining section in which the cursor lies when you are in a nested collapsed section.
If any selected section is expanded, then all selected sections are collapsed.
Stop Hiding Current, removes the outlining information for the currently selected user-defined region.You signed out in another tab or window.Note, to enable the Hide Selection command, select a continuous stream of text.To conceal an expanded section, click the minus sign (-) in the indicator margin.Sign up, you can't perform that action at this time.Collapses the members of all types so that all of the members that belong to a type are clearly seen.Right-click anywhere in document and select "format document" option then hover next to number lines and you will see the (-) sign for collapsing method.Choose Hide Selection from the Outlining submenu.This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.When you select this sign, the added code collapses under the top-most line, and a plus-sign symbol appears.If all sections are expanded, then they are all collapsed.Visual Studio 2010, by default, all text is displayed in the Code Editor, but you can choose to hide some code from view.Shortcut keys are ctrlm and then ctrlp.Choose Start Automatic Outlining.Identical to the Collapse Block command except that the environment automatically runs through all of the code in the document, creates regions in each of your procedures, and then hides them.Choose Collapse All in: logical structure from the Outlining submenu.Shortcut keys are ctrlm and then ctrlo.All regions are visible and the symbols removed, but the underlying code is undisturbed.Note Not available in Visual Basic.To create collapsible sections of code.
Command, definition, hide Selection, collapses the currently selected text.
To collapse and expand a section of code To display all lines in a collapsed section, click the plus sign in the indicator margin.