vmware esxi 4.1 patch

Any software tool that understands one of these APIs, such as HP SIM or Dell OpenManage, can read this information and hence monitor the hardware of the vSphere host.
Whether installed on disk or embedded flash memory, ESXi employs a dual-image approach where both the updated image as well as the previous image are both present.
The ESXi Shell is a command-line based interface for diagnosis and repair of a vSphere host running ESXi.
Note: vSphere Update Manager is not available for the free vSphere Hypervisor.CIM providers are used as the mechanism to provide management access to device drivers and underlying hardware.I decided to post on the topic to give architectural difference always as to compare the different level capabilities between ESX ESXi along the tabular comparison to explain the difference between VMware ESX and ESXi.VMware vSphere Update Manager will update hosts running ESXi.VMware also provides remote command lines, such as the vSphere, command Line Interface (vCLI) and PowerCLI, to provide command and scripting capabilities in a more controlled manner.ESXi.5 Update 1, eSXi650-update, eSXi.5 Update 1 (Security only).You can also have local users defined and managed on a host-by-host basis and configured using the vSphere Client, vCLI or PowerCLI.Hardware vendors, including pert chart expert 2.3 server manufacturers and specific hardware device vendors, can write providers to provide monitoring and management of their particular devices.For more information, see the ESXi Management page.In ESX, VMkernel is the virtualization kernel which is managed by a console operating system which is also called as Service console.Please search the guest operating system compatibility list for a full list of supported guest operating systems.
Customers can use ESXi with either the free vSphere Hypervisor or as part of a paid vSphere edition.