web developer interview questions 2014

Since you are an aspiring web developer and wish to pursue a long career in this field, you are expected to know about the w3c.
Interceptors Templates IDEs for AngularJS more Top 15 Bootstrap Interview Questions Why to use Bootstrap?
Some broken code would be given to you to fix.New APIs in html5, hTML5 Cache Vs Regular Browser Cache.The broken code is usually written in the development language that they expect proficiency in, for the position of a web developer.Look for people who can think, not ones who regurgitate text books.Making sites accessible also makes them more search engine friendly (saves money makes your pages accessible to the 20 of the population that has some type of disability (so you can make more money) and its the law in many places.Explains that font size should be declared using software file pdf ke word ems or percentages.A Masters or PhD may just mean that they had the time and money to delay getting a job.Explanation of Quirks mode versus Regular mode and analysis of which one is best for different media.Although this question seems to be a generalized one, keep this in mind that the correct answer to this question is 'all of the browsers'.If the display is set to none, the element does not occupy any space on the page as if it didnt exist.Web API.0 Core Features WCF Vs T Web API WCF rest Vs T Web API MVC Vs T Web APecurity How to use Web API with WebForms and much more Top 10 T Interview Questions T Basics Concept of Postback T Page Life Cycle.If you use them, how do you maintain them?When should you use them?Answer main values: none, block, inline, list-item, run-in all values: inline block list-item run-in compact marker table inline-table table-row-group table-header-group table-footer-group table-row table-column-group table-column table-cell table-caption none inherit default value: inline, block or list-item, depending on the element.I dont know (I give points for honesty trying fast furious tokyo drift pc game unsuccessfully but honestly to give the right answer.C) How does the browser determine where to place positioned elements d) What are the pros and cons of using absolute positioning?Html5 Web Worker and more, advanced AngularJS Interview Questions, why AngularJS?Answer Rating: a hrefjavscript:function and other incorrect answers verbally explains the theory but doesnt know how to do it correct explanation using inline event handlers or inline code discusses and knows how to implement javascript event listeners Explainst how you include JS within an xhtml.
Mention all the industry sites as well as blogs that you read regularly and the events, workshops, seminars, and trainings in the relevant field that you have attended till now.