will windows xp support office 2013

The aged operating system was able to handle four different editions: Office XP, which shipped in March 2001, Office 2003 (October 2003 Office 2007 (January 2007) and even Office 2010 (June 2010).
But Windows XP is hanging on after more than 10 years.
Vista users have been dropping like flies, most of them likely upgrading to Windows 7 by this point.
The help desk pet pals animal doctor game full software for.Vista's market share at less than 7 percent in June, and steadily dropping.The information in this table outlines additional requirements for specific components of Outlook 2013.Specific Access 2013 requirements Component Requirement Internet Access 2013 Internet functionality requires an Internet connection and either Internet Explorer 8 or Internet Explorer.Users running those operating systems will not be able to advance beyond Office 2010, the suite that launched about seven months after Windows.Office 2013 is built for the desktop, but your business can extend the Office experience to employees who are using iPads or mobile devices.It has worked very well for.The Report Viewer is available from the Microsoft Download battery meter windows 7 Center.Project Professional in an Enterprise To enable enterprise Project, portfolio, and resource management capabilities, Project Server 2013 is required.Office 2010 will work fine with.So despite Microsoft's best efforts, many companies will continue to hold on as long as they can with their current versions of Windows and Office.To create a Project Site from Project Server 2013 you must use SharePoint Server 2013.