windows 7 home premium remote desktop configuration

It allows users to connect to a remote machine and perform all tasks that can be done on a local computer.
Once you get a basic remote desktop connection, there is potential for a whole set of new problems, for example, features such as lenovo t430 recovery media printing or Aero Graphics don't work.
Most online information was focused on IT professional server management that I am not completely familiar with such as active directory etc.Hostname Problems - Remote Desktop cannot find computer.The surest alternative is to check in the Control Panel, System and Security, System: Full computer name.Printers, as usual, printers give their fair share of problems. .Select Remote users button.There is a 'backdoor' registry hack whereby you can set Remote Desktop to allow connections. .Editions of Windows 7, the host computer, the distant smart card reader emulator one that you connect to, must be Windows 7 Professional, Business or Ultimate. .WOL also has business uses for example, rousing machines so that they can have update patches applied. .You can enable remote desktop by setting the following registry value.My home workgroup computer user account has a password.I ran the internet protocol config cmd "ipconfig /all" on both machines.Other users need to be added explicitly in Remote tab window in system properties using the.In the Show Contents dialog box, click Add, type the name of the remote computer (server) in this format: termsrv computername It maybe worth reading the help notes; for example, make sure you capitalize termsrv. .Terminal services service is the server component of Remote desktop feature.However, the client can be running the home premium edition. .I have checked My Computer Properties Advanced system settings System Properties Remote tab on both computers.What is terminal comic book speech bubble services?
After my router I have a Cisco switch that everything is connected.
Naturally, you have to connect to the correct registry hive on the target machine, Server, now find the Reg_DWord called fDenyTSConnections and set the value 0 (zero).