windows 7 steady state alternative

You can get a netbook these days for very cheap (200 - 300) and you can share the Internet connection (most home network cable connections have a router with built-in wireless, whether supplied by your ISP or sold retail) and keep any malware isolated.
System Requirements, supported Operating Systems:Windows Vista;Windows XP, windows XP Professional, Windows XP Home Edition, Windows XP Tablet PC Edition with Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) installed or Service Pack 3 installed, Windows Vista Enterprise, Windows Vista Business, Windows Vista Ultimate, Windows Vista Home Basic.
I don't have kids but I do have a wife and this is why I gave her her own laptop.SuperCopier replaces windows explorer files.Also solves the problem of "ARE YOU finished YET?" :D.No need for Windows 7, if it is just for your kids; of course it depends on what they need it for.DesktopOK saves the position of all the icons on the desktop and restores them.It is based on Subversion.WinShake.73, winShake brings the Windows 7 functions, Aero Peek and Aero Shake to your Windows XP and Vista PCs, improving the "Show Desktop" function of the Quick Launch bar.Clipboard Master.7, clipboard Master is a free, smart clipboard extension with many useful features.Philip, complexity is the enemy of Security - Steve Gibson.This probably isn't a feasible solution for you, but still, the easiest way would be to get a separate laptop for your kids, and have them each have their own account without Administrator privileges, with a good free AV/AS solution, like Avast or Microsoft Security.TortoiseSVN.8.5, tortoiseSVN is a really easy to use Revision control / version control / source control software for Windows.NirLauncher.18.47, nirLauncher is a package of more than 100 portable freeware utilities for Windows, all of them developed for NirSoft Web site during the last few years.John's Background Switcher.8, if you cannot stand plain, boring backgrounds, Johns Background Switcher (or JBS for short) periodically changes the background image on your computer (like every hour or every day) to something interesting.
Process Hacker.33, you find hidden processes with Process Hacker.
Since I am assuming Mom and Dad's idm 6.19 build 3 crack machine is important, keep the kids off it as much as you can by giving them their own laptop.