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I suspect this might be the eclipse juno dark theme result of my desktop computer being connected to my router via ethernet cable, whereas my Xbox 360 is connected up wirelesslysomewhere, somehow, the wireless connection might be a toyota avanza repair manual bit of a deal-breaker when it comes to our desktop.
Instead, I find it easier simply to click on a movie or a song within Windows 8s File Explorer, open up the new Play context menu in the Ribbon-style file menu, and select the Play To option to stream media directly over to the Xbox.
Microsoft this week began talking up a new brand for its in-house Xbox live livro de ecologia odum pdf games that have been ported.These games in fact still exist, and while there arent a lot of them, compared to the wider selection of Windows desktop games, more do appear regularly.Lackluster title support hurts right now, with SmartGlass interaction largely limited to Microsoft Studios titles such.The Games app, the main screen of the Games app shows your recent console activity.Microsoft ported Xbox live games to Windows first with its Games for Windows live initiative.The Games app also offers a small handful of Xbox Live-enabled Windows 8 games you can buy, download, and play directly on your PC or tableta move that takes you right to Windows 8s official Windows Store app, we should note.(Games for Windows Live doesnt count.) Additionally, those looking to stream content from their systems to their gaming consoles will still have to put up with the Xbox 360s restrictions on supported video codecs and encoding types.Play to Xbox, if you can stream media to your console, you'll see the "Play to" option in playback controls.Its the new brand for Metro-style Xbox live gamesor, more strictly, Metro-style Xbox live Arcade gamespublished by the in-house Microsoft Studios and ported from other Xbox live platforms, usually the Xbox 360.Unfortunately, Play on Xbox needs a lot of extra software to work properly, and some of those extras are expensive.Follow along, and I'll show you all the new synergies you can explore.The second streaming solution baked into Windows 8, Play on Xbox, is much more interesting.The media file should start on your console right away, and Play to Xbox functions as any other streaming media solution doesboth the console and your Windows 8 device have to be up, running, and connected to your network to successfully stream music or movies.The first and most universal is the "Play to Xbox" option.Halo 4 and, forza Horizon.One of the more eye-catching benefits of the new friendship between Windows 8 and Xbox 360 is the ability to push content from your PC to your console in two different ways with very similar naming schemes.And, of course, theres currently no way flip the streaming equation in the one way gamers might want to try: Streaming games from their consoles to their computers or tablet for some keyboard-mouse (or finger-tapping) play.The SmartGlass "Play on Xbox" control options include a "Play here" button that shifts the stream to your Windows 8 device.Even worseif youll allow this humble writer to get personal for a momentMusic and Video are horrible apps for multimedia unless you're on a touchscreen device.See the image to the right.).
Notably missing from these two platforms growing integration is any way for gamers on Windows 8 to message their friends on Xbox Live directly through the operating system.
That said, I can understand why this is confusing to people.