windows file manager 2012

You can perform" management, file screening management, storage reports management, classification management and other file management tasks.
This change enables File Server Resource snake 3 game for c1 Manager to dynamically remove classification values that no longer apply to a file.
Manual classification New Manual classification enables users to classify files and folders manually without the need to create automatic classification rules.I would encourage you to spend some time looking over the File Server Resource Manager.On the, configure share settings screen, check or deselect any of the additional options for the share as required, such.The local and remote paths will be generated automatically.Click Next to continue.Some examples of file screen templates might include Block Image Files or Block Audio and Video Files.Set maximum values for storage reports.Create a file classification rule that tags any file that contains at least 10 social security numbers as having personally identifiable information.File and Storage Services.For instance, the Text Files group includes.asc,.text, and.txt files, as shown.Files can be classified automatically by using file classification rules or manually by modifying the properties of a selected file or folder.For example, you could classify a file that contains more than ten social security numbers as having personally identifiable information.These tools help you monitor existing storage resources, and aid in planning and implementing future policy changes.